Work with us

Thank you for considering to work with us. We are currently open to all opportunities of a partnership/alliance.

Before you fill out the form, let us introduce you to the Iniftar Foundations’ way to accept partnerships/alliances:

The Iniftar Foundations’ is a non-profit, open-source multi-national organization. We work for a new way to think about the World Wide Web.

Firstly, you would like to choose a type of partnership/alliance.

  • General, in this partnership/alliance you are simply sharing some things in common whilst you keep your own identity and organization or company.
  • Handover, in this partnership/alliance you are handing over your identity and organization or company to become an Iniftar Foundations’ project, you may still remain working with your project as an Iniftar Foundations’ member.
  • Personal Service, in this partnership/alliance you are going to become a remote member of the Iniftar Foundations’. Your work will be owned & distributed by the Iniftar Foundations’ while you remain credited and rewarded.
  • Other, in this partnership/alliance you are… well we don’t know what you are, thus you choose your way through the form.

After you have chosen a type of partnership/alliance, you can now THINK, Secondly (or thirdly if you were really thinking), you can fill out the form below.


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